Lymies Engineering installs, repairs and maintains electric fences. Electric fences are used as security measures from intruders such as burglars. They can be used at the borders of game parks to keep wild animals inside the game park. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and skills in the installation and all types of electric fences including top wall suitable for homes and small business, free standing electric fences for farms, game parks and also customized fences according to the needs of our customers. Our customers are always in safe hands as we have the know-how and the way to go about securing their property.

Lymies Engineering offer safety and reliability of the fence system, we are always available for repairs and maintenance. We are renowned in sourcing for the best of the products as we consider the client’s money value and quality of our services. Therefore, we source for the best manufacturers who offer the most reliable brands in the world to ensure quality delivery.

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