This system is ideal for homes and small businesses such as medical practices, workshops restaurants, shops, churches and educational institutions. They are maintenance free and do not have to be filled. Battery power back up has an advantage over the generator where generators need constant refilling and maintenance battery power does not. They are ideal for residential areas or for small businesses where noise and pollution from the exhaust of a generator is not a problem. It is recommended that battery sets are installed in a battery cabinet and are locked in a room with ventilation, where small children do not have access. As with all batteries, these batteries can be dangerous if tampered with. Lymies Engineering does supply complete systems with batteries and battery cabinets if required.

The unit is permanently connected to the utility power of the main power source, there’s an inbuilt battery charger that recharges the batteries and keeps them fully charged until a power failure takes place. The equipment that a customer wants to be backed up are automatically switches over via an extra fast transfer switch to the inverter providing power within 15msec.

Advantages of battery power backup

  • In case of a power failure, the battery provides power within the shortest time possible. Standard equipment such as the Microwave, Televisions, Decoders, Fans are rarely affected.
  • The system does not require any maintenance.
  • The batteries come in different sizing, some are capable of bridging power outages from 2-24 hours i.e. they can provide power 2 hours per day twice a day, because the battery chargers are powerful enough to recharge the battery bank to cater for the second outage on the same day thereby providing enough time between the 2 outages at least 4-6 hours.
  • There no maintenance needed.

Our team can install the smaller systems as stand-alone systems that can be wired into the board and the larger systems can be hard-wired into the board. Lymies Engineering can provide support such as block diagrams for the electrical installation upon request from our esteemed clients.

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