Lymies Engineering Limited is one of the privately owned electrical and mechanical contracting companies in Kenya. We are specialists in electrical design, installation and maintenance. We are proud of our very good stead record of trustworthiness, reliability and our extremely high-quality products and services. We also boast of our lengthy history for reputation of quality service, integrity, our friendly approach, professionalism and above all our safety record. We are at the same expanding and diversifying the company capabilities in response to customers’ changing needs – making us very versatile in our field to ensure total satisfaction to you as we provide solutions to problems.

We endeavor to completely upholding our professionalism at all times as our vision and realize the importance of being in touch with our ever-changing industry thus we carry out extensive research in our broad and vast field to ensure that what we advise our clients are the best. We remain open to new ideas, innovations and train our staff to be the engineers of tomorrow.

Our Vision

To provide outstanding high quality and valued services that exceed customer expectations.

Our Mission

To be a global provider of energy products and services. Lymies is committed to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of its operations.

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