Welcome to Lymies Engineering

Lymies Engineering Limited is one of the privately owned electrical and mechanical contracting companies in Kenya. We are specialists in electrical design, installation and maintenance. We are proud of our very good stead record of trustworthiness, reliability and our extremely high-quality products and services. We also boast of our lengthy history for reputation of quality service, integrity, our friendly approach, professionalism and above all our safety record. We are at the same expanding and diversifying the company capabilities in response to customers’ changing needs – making us very versatile in our field to ensure total satisfaction to you as we provide solutions to problems.

Why Choose Us

We are the experts. We have vast experience in the field and boast of our specialists in the critical facilities industry.

We provide the best customer services. We are warm and friendly, we listen to every need of our customers. This enables us to proactively delivery as discussed.

We partner with reliable companies with a wide broad range of inventory parts. It facilitates a seamless experience that makes economical sense. This means that we have access to all maintenance and repair parts needed.

Lymies Engineering have the capabilities to provide a trusted single point of contact to help in streamlining and integration of services, by so doing our customers reduce of multiple maintenance contracts helping them to save on cost for all power generation equipment.

We give our customers supreme guarantee on our repair services. This gives them a piece of mind as they can count on their generator back up power supply system with our proactive preventive maintenance scheduling.